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Eye malignancy alludes to a harmful development in any piece of the eye. Some eye diseases are essential, while others speak to metastases from essential malignancies somewhere else in the body. Retinoblastoma regularly has three arrangements: intraocular, extraocular and intermittent retinoblastoma. In the intraocular frame the malignancy can be found in one or both eyes however not in tissue outside of the eye. In the extraocular frame the growth has spread outside the eye. It can spread to the tissue encompassing the eye or it can attack different regions of the body. In the repetitive shape the growth returns after as of now being dealt with. It might repeat in the eye, its encompassing tissues, or somewhere else in the body. Intraocular melanoma is an uncommon disease generally speaking, yet it is the most well-known eye malignancy found in grown-ups. Intraocular melanoma happens when tumor cells are found in the uvea of the eye. The uvea incorporates the iris (the hued bit of eye), the ciliary body (an eye muscle that concentrations the focal point) and the choroid (found in the back of the eye alongside the retina).

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